Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Madness

Your safety crew for today's voyage

Gopher, Isaac and Doc

If y'all don't mind, I'm gonna sit right down and work these goldfish.

Rock throwing could keep them busy for days.....

Kicking it on Chris and Jenna's porch out at Great Diamond

Little guy ran out of gas.

On the dock "upta camp"

Hitching a ride with Mom.

The Dhingra entry in this year's 4th of July parade

See Rhys? He didn't MOVE for an hour. I may look into the cost associated with running a parade in front of my house 14 hours a day.

Feel the intensity?

Grace joined us on the sidelines.

Nik took a break and hung back with Dadi Ma.

Double click on this one....Sarah Palin lookalike at the parade.


Double Christening

The Baptismal cake.

I am now, officially, the only heathen in the bunch.

Rhys was phenomenal during the ceremony

Nik was a little gentleman as well.

Taking a spin with Rev. Dominic

Dadi Ma and Rhys. Love this photo.

Wabbit Hunting

Rhys's 2nd Birthday cake. Always gotta get the photo in before the grubby hands do their dirty work.

Case in point, the birthday boy.

Birthday gnomes spotting the action from on high.

Tuckered out and down for the count. With dino close by.....

Boys and bunny ears

Unleash the hounds!

Must. Stay. Focused.

Empty basket? No worries.

I call this one "Taking care of business in the back and in the front".

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Winter Fun

We could have saved money on a crib if we knew that he'd be so happy in a dog bed.

Nik, bend those knees! He really is taking to the slopes.

Emma and Nik hanging at in the bunk room zoning out after a day of skiing.

The littlest cousin had no need to "zone out".

Double-click on this photo and you can get a gander at the "teacher's pet".

Nik, Hannah, Emma and Rhys.

Emma, Rhys, Hannah, Emma and a Squirelly Rhys

Hannah and Rhys seemed to be getting in all of these photos....

....actually, it seems like Rhys is the little ham.

Storytime at Dadi Ma's.

Hallway racin'

Banana Head Jones

Happy Birthday Gil!

Dubious version of "How Deep is your Love".

The Fabulous Dhingra Boys.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chistmas / New Years 2010

The latest misadventures of the Dhingra crew.....

My mom's friend Veronica made these cookies for the boys.

When Nik is old enough, we may need to explore the existential relevance of this photo.

I'll probably skip that conversation with Rhys.

Nik made his first Gingerbread house at the Christmas fair this year.

Throw him behind a keyboard and call him Rhys Charles.

Movie time at the Christmas cookie swap. There wasn't a Dad within 200 feet of this room.

We took the boys out to see the huge train display at the Maine Mall.

As you can tell the boys were enthralled and...


We took the boys to Ruski's (a watering hole in Portland.....with zero high chairs)

Rhys is probably not the first Ruski's patron to eat his pancakes without utensils.

Takin' it easy on Christmas eve

Twas the night before Christmas....

Those are two very attentive Grandchildren flanking Peter.

Ready to tear into the loot!

Gil's annual Christmas morning move.

Best gift of the day was the dollhouse for Emma. Catherine was pretty jealous.

Blizzard romp!

Geared up and ready to hit the slopes.

Grace, Rhys and Nik took a New Year's sled ride.

Trudging into the New Year.